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Understanding Linux IOWait

I have seen many Linux Performance engineers looking at the “IOWait” portion of CPU usage as something to indicate whenever the system is I/O-bound. In this blog post, I will explain why this approach is unreliable and what better indicators you can use.Let’s start by running a little experiment – generating heavy I/O usage on […]

AI生成摘要 本文介绍了为什么将CPU使用率中的“IOWait”部分作为指示系统是否I/O绑定的指标是不可靠的,并提供了更好的指标。文章通过实验表明,IOWait并不总是高,即使系统中有完全I/O绑定的进程。文章建议,首先应该查看应用程序特定的可观察性,其次可以查看vmstat中的“b”列,最后可以查看每个进程的统计信息。对于Percona Monitoring and Management,可以安装插件来查看进程的运行情况。

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