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Ryan Booz: PostgreSQL for the SQL Server DBA: Transaction Isolation and Table Bloat

This is part of a series I began in 2018, documenting my journey from SQL Server to PostgreSQL. As someone that’s been through the process before, my hope is that these discussions will help mitigate some of the surprises and help you get up to speed faster. Today, I’m going to dig into how PostgreSQL ... Read more

AI生成摘要 本文介绍了从SQL Server到PostgreSQL转换过程中需要注意的事项,包括事务隔离、持续维护任务和设置调整。需要注意VACUUM和ANALYZE阈值的调整,以及针对特定表进行调整。当自动处理无法跟上时,需要考虑调整maintenance_work_mem和autovacuum_max_workers等设置。文章提醒读者要注意死元组和表的整体增长,及时调整设置以提高性能。

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