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Ryan Booz: 10 Requirements for Managing Database Changes

The host for PGSQL Phriday #009 is Dian Fay, who has asked us to discuss how we manage database changes. Oh my, Dian picked a topic that’s near and dear to me. In fact, one of my (still visible) T-SQL Tuesday blog posts was about this very topic… 7 years ago! Quick aside: For those ... Read more

AI生成摘要 本文介绍了10个有效的数据库变更管理要求,包括数据库状态管理、易于管理的开发分支、一致和可预测的迁移脚本、易于检测的漂移、编码标准和合规性检查等。作者强调了对变更管理的承诺是最重要的要求,鼓励团队逐步改进流程。

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