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REGINA OBE: PostGIS Bundle 3.3.3 for Windows with MobilityDB

I recently released PostGIS 3.3.3. bundle for Windows which is available on application stackbuilder and OSGeo download site for PostgreSQL 11 - 15. If you are running PostgreSQL 12 or above, you get an additional bonus extension MobilityDB which is an extension that leverages PostGIS geometry and geography types and introduces several more spatial-temporal types and functions specifically targeted for managing objects in motion. What kind of management, think of getting the average speed a train is moving at a segment in time or collisions in time, without any long SQL code. Just use a function on the trip path, and viola. Think about storing GPS data very compactly in a singe row /column with time and being able to ask very complex questions with very little SQL. True PostGIS can do some of this using geometry with Measure (geometryM) geometry types, but you have to deal with that craziness of converting M back to timestamps, which mobilitydb temporal types automatically encode as true PostgreSQL timestamp types. Anita Graser, of QGIS and Moving Pandas fame, has written several posts about it such as: Visualizing Trajectories with QGIS and mobilitydb and Detecting close encounters using MobilityDB 1.0. Continue reading "PostGIS Bundle 3.3.3 for Windows with MobilityDB"

AI生成摘要 PostGIS 3.3.3捆绑了MobilityDB,可在Windows上使用。MobilityDB是一个扩展,利用PostGIS几何和地理类型,并引入了几种更多的时空类型和函数,专门用于管理运动中的对象。它可以轻松地获取火车在某个时间段内的平均速度或时间上的碰撞等信息。MobilityDB已经存在了几年,但是在Windows上打包需要一些时间。现在,MobilityDB 1.1.0即将发布,PostGIS 3.3.4也将随之发布。要使用MobilityDB,需要预加载postgis库,并在Windows服务中重启PostgreSQL服务。

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